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ShagBagg is a concept brand that was first a dream. Designer Nicola Angelos was attending design school in Miami when:  "When I decided to go into fashion, my intention was never to design what anyone else had; I wanted to create something completely outside the box. It was during finals, and I finally had time for to nap, and it was not long after I lied down that I envisioned a 'shaggy bag.' I immediately woke up to sketch the bag and designed the logo that day. My subconscious lead me to this vision, the same way Salvadore Dali would  intentionally make himself dream in order to paint his subconscious visions on the canvas."

 ShagBagg has since transformed into an entire line of bags, jackets, and other items. While the brand has been based in Los Angeles for 4 years, Shagbagg has traveled the world to events ranging from Tokyo, New York, and to Coachella Music Festival.

They are recently thrilled to announce they have added a philanthropy-based line to their brand. The “IBAGG” shares bold exciting colors in its newly designed tote with messages from you, to everyone in your community. With every bag sold, a bag of groceries will be donated to a local food bank or shelter. At ShagBagg, they are proud to say,