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Innika Choo


A former Aussie stylist who now lives in Bali with her three adorable children and loving husband. Inni was born in Brisbane, and confesses she has always had a love for design – something she has also passed on to her children. “I have been sketching dresses since I was a kid. My mum’s major hobby was being a seamstress and she used to make all sorts of dresses for me when I was younger. Often, I’d have some crazy idea, and she’d have the patience to make it for me. When I got a bit older and started shopping on ebay and chopping up various bits of clothes, there was no question for me that I wanted to work in this industry.”

We are not sure how she does it all between raising a family, creating her elevated line of breezy and bohemian pieces and posting creative and funny updates to her colorful personal Instagram account. The Innika Choo range is all about easy thrown-on cottons and linens with special detailing such as embroidery and smocking.