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Beth Richards


Beth Richards is Quality Modern Swimwear. Made with the highest standards of quality, ethically manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.

Founded in 2011, after a move from Toronto, Beth panicked when she realized she needed a beach wardrobe and faced with the swim options available. She saw opportunity in what was an under serviced customer looking for something more interesting yet minimal made with quality fabric and construction.

When she started this brand she had no idea how it would shape her ideas of beauty, femininity and self-empowerment and the complicated relationship most of us have with ourselves.

Swimwear is a next to skin garment that for many is a reminder of how we feel about what we see in the mirror. Perhaps you haven't reached the health goals you were hoping for, or things have changed because of a child or have a scar from a traumatic accident. Whatever the issue, she wants to provide women with options that are quality, fit well, will stand the test of time and ultimately, make them feel like the goddesses they are.

Also it’s important as a feminist, that the brand reflects her ideas on creating inspirational imagery of women that is still sexy and feminine but also non-exploitive of the female body. All our models are over the age of 19 and it’s a core value that we celebrate women’s beauty and not objectify her.