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What do ethical and sustainable even mean?

Lara Kuby

Posted on April 07 2019

What do ethical and sustainable even mean?
Ever wonder what the difference is between Ethical fashion and Sustainable Fashion?  Are these terms interchangeable?  According to research by Common Objective, Google searches for “sustainable fashion” have grown 46% and “ethical fashion” 25% in the past six years, both being used interchangeably by consumers.  But the truth is that they are entirely different.  Here is the breakdown:

Ethical Fashion – concerns human rights.

Sustainable Fashion – concerns the environment.

Ethical Fashion is an umbrella term for fashion which has been produced responsibly and fairly.  It encompasses everything from how the cotton was grown to how the garment workers who made the clothes were treated and paid (no sweatshops, child labor, or worker abuse involved).  The Ethical Fashion Forum states that the entire production must make the best attempt to provide the maximum benefit to people producing the products, while minimizing impact on the environment.

Sustainable Fashion refers to the effects of the production of clothing on the environment only. This includes the use of pesticides in growing cotton, other natural, sustainable fabrics (like eco-friendly fiber crops or recycled materials), energy reduction, and sometimes even packaging.  While some say it’s about the importance of making clothes in a more environmentally friendly manner, others advocate secondhand/vintage or simply swapping or renting clothes is actually considered sustainable (more on this for my next next blog!)
All efforts towards a more environmentally and ethically conscious production are steps in the right direction!  Being a conscious company is always on our minds here at That Sunny Spot.  Soon we will welcome sustainable fashion designers, such as Araks, to our roster.  Stay tuned for their fab collection!  

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