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Why St. Barths is the best kept secret for fashion lovers.

Julie Scher

Posted on April 12 2019

Why St. Barths is the best kept secret for fashion lovers.

Ok ok we all know about the wild nights at Le Ti and the Sunday’s at Nikki Beach. They are great- but let’s be honest when there is a fashion show that happens at almost every lunch- how can a girl not go crazy!!!!! Legit at almost every restaurant we ate at there would be a fashion show at lunch. Gourmet food + fashion + the beach- an absolute feast for the senses. The French really know how to incorporate fashion, luxury, and the ocean! We’re not saying they have a lock on resorting but they certainly got it down. St. Barths stole my heart immediately by the gorgeously curated LVMH gift shop at Cheval Blanc- our home for the next 5 days. Here- I ask the shop keepers what is her favorite find because she knows her inventory so well personally- about her selected pieces. Immediately a swim suit out of a James Bond movie was pulled by Lenny Niemeyer and I was sold!!!

Our days were spent with island adventures- boating, long lunches, sun drenched hours swimming, and of course meeting new friends at stores Coconut and Lili Belle St. Barths- some of our favorite special boutiques. This is where I shine and come to life- there is nothing I find more exciting then wandering into these unique transformative spaces. It is almost a cultural exchange and a mutual love of beauty- fabrics, textures, and colors where our bond begins and soon friendships form. This is part of why travel is so exciting and fun to me. I can’t wait to offer the That Sunny Spot girl some of the lines I found while getting lost in the streets of St. Barths and bring the same vibrant, cool, chic vibe to our site.
This island has gone through a devastating hurricane but it continues to rebuild and its style and joie de vivre remain!



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