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Major Fashion Breaking News

Julie Scher

Posted on May 10 2019

Major Fashion Breaking News

Major fashion breaking news- Rihanna, always known for her style, now has the support of famed LVMH behind her. She will be the first woman EVER to be creating her own line for the Mansion - as shocking as it sounds.  

See click to NYT article.

So you may be thinking, “ok so what’s this have to do with us at That Sunny Spot?! Are we her retailer or something?”  

No no don’t get it twisted. We at That Sunny Spot want to highlight the designers we work with silly! But we also always want to call attention to the importance of women achieving success in fashion. We work almost exclusively with women run companies. Almost all of our companies have an eye towards sustainability and protecting our Mother Earth. Our labels are not faceless companies. They are real people with real stories. This is exactly why we have chosen to work together- we share a vision to keep traveling this planet in the sunshine in beauty and expressing ourselves. We encourage you to read the stories behind our brands.


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