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Fashion Revolution Week

Lara Kuby

Posted on April 28 2019

Fashion Revolution Week

April 24th begins Fashion Revolution, which is a week of campaigns and action to demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.  As we reflect on Fashion Revolution and its significance, we are reminded of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013, killing 1,134 garment workers. While some were painfully aware of the horrific conditions many workers face, this tragedy was the first time it was brought to the public eye.  Why were basic safety conditions not being met in this factory?  This is all too often the case in many factories around the world: inhumane working conditions, where people, especially women, are being severely underpaid for their work.

All women deserve to feel safe, valued, and respected.  That's what #FashionRevolution is about for us -- shining a light on this so that women can thrive!

Behind every single product is a person.  We want the story that you're wearing to be a happy one -- from the home of the artisan, to us at That Sunny Spot, to you!


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